Ad Pods is delivering amazing results for advertisers and broadcasters

FAST Channels and CTV Advertising via addressable Ad Pod inventory

Ad Pods FAST Channel and CTV ad-fill is very important as a primary revenue stream for any streaming broadcaster and CTV content delivery platform looking to monetise audiences.

Watch TV for Free

The platform was designed to not only offer the channels that viewers want to watch but also to support a viable business model for its partner broadcasters. Both ad-funded FAST Channels and subscription-based channels require a business model that enables them to produce and deliver high-quality channels and content consistently. Kapang is one of the first platforms to provide such a business model for broadcasters.

If you want to advertise on CTV then addressably place your brand against linear channel and AVOD content or across genres with ease.


FAST Channel Ad-fill Marketplace from Ad-pods maximises the ad-fill percentage and the Ad Slot CPM using addressable & programmatic inventory tiering.

Connected TV Platforms delivering hundreds of channels and thousands of pieces of AVOD need the user experience to be spot on.


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