FAST Channels – television services offering linear programming to internet-connected devices, such as smart TVs, tablets, or laptops. They combine the benefits of traditional TV channels and on-demand content in a single experience.

Premium FAST Channels are the future of Television

Premium FAST channels are becoming increasingly popular among viewers who want to watch content without paying for a subscription or choosing what to watch from a vast catalogue. They are also attractive to content owners who want to monetize their assets through ads and reach new audiences. According to a report by Digital TV Research, the online advertising market (AVOD) could reach.

Streaming TV Channels can be classified by their focus.

Platform-agnostic channels are available across multiple operating systems and devices, such as Pluto TV, Peacock, Roku, and Xumo. Platform-exclusive channels are only available on a specific operating platform or device, such as LG, Samsung TV+, and Vizio Watchfree.

Niche Streaming Channels have a future

Niche FAST Channels cover specific subjects or genres, such as cooking, fitness, westerns, science, history, or heritage cinema. They often use existing catalogues of on-demand content (AVOD or SVOD) and reorganize them into playlists or programming grids.

Examples of niche channels include Mystery Science Theater, NFL TV, etc. Branded channels are used by companies or brands to showcase their products, services, or premium content for which they have acquired the rights for Examples of branded channels check out the View TV Streaming TV Ecosystem.

How do Ad-funded TV Channels make money?

FAST distributed channels make money by inserting ads into their streams. The ads are usually dynamically inserted, meaning that they are tailored to the viewer’s location, device, preferences, or behaviour. The ads can be sold directly by the channel owner or through third-party platforms or networks. The revenue from the ads is then shared between the channel owner and the content provider.

Streaming TV Channels are powered by FAST

Streaming TV Channels offer a new way of delivering and consuming video content that appeals to both viewers and advertisers. They provide a free and easy alternative to subscription-based services and a curated and linear experience that mimics traditional TV. They also create new opportunities for content owners to monetize their assets and reach new audiences through targeted ads. Streaming channels are expected to grow in popularity and diversity in the coming years as more platforms, brands, and genres enter the market.

Check out FAST Channels Network for a catalogue of FAST Channels available for distribution. Streaming

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